Balochistan has one of the most disappointing literacy rates in the world. The province faces huge gaps in access, quality and equity in the provision of basic education, accompanied by a huge gender gap. Our schools are either not there and even when they are physically present they are not equipping our children to be able to compete in the fast changing world. Education is still not a priority for most parents and this lack of ownership demanded alternate strategy. The concept of fast track schooling and innovating the idea of Child Clubs as school based organization has been followed by SEHER to provide safe and healthy environment to the students. The program is being implemented by SEHER which aims to promote public private and community partnership to improve access to quality education. Moreover the program is aimed to protect school children from all forms of abuse and exploitation through capacity building of the teachers, formation and training of child clubs, Parent Teacher School Management Committee (PTSMC) training/Quarterly Progress Reviews. 



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