Poverty Alleviation

SEHER believes that poverty is a multidimensional problem that needs relentless and holistic approach. SEHER’s rich experience of the field and extensive study of the subject revealed the grim reality of dependency trap, which were social, economic and political. Unlike the conventional approach of service delivery SEHER adopted a right-based approach of reaching to poorest of the poor and empower them to combat for their rights and survival. To meet this challenging task, SEHER launched the Mitigation of Urban Poverty Program (MUPP) in Quetta City in October 2006.  The MUPP focused the two Union Councils from Zarghoon and Chiltan town since they were the two of the poorest areas in Quetta.

At the project inception a base line survey was conducted, followed by group formation of the poorest. Altogether twenty separate groups of male and female were formed.  These primary organizations were strengthened through a dialogical process which encouraged critical thinking and understanding of the poor on the socio-economic and political dynamics of poverty. These groups were subsequently converted into Citizen Community Boards.


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