Youth Empowerment

Pakistan currently has the largest population of young people in its history and the number is likely to increase. More than half of Pakistan’s population comprises of individuals less than twenty years and 25 million aged 15-24. In the absence of a clearly define Youth Policy,  the result is frantic, frustrated souls in the unstructured and chaotic environment where morals and values are fast getting diluted finds solace in negative pursuits in the absence of headship, a smooth play field of opportunities and palpable definite roles and activities. 

SEHER believes in Rights Based Approach and therefore keeps the SEHER's philosophy on basis of rights. SEHER strongly believes that youth, if focused at the right time and in the right manner is likely to bring a positive social change that easily lead to emancipation. SEHER in collaboration British Counsel initiated the Active Citizen Program wherein the youth has been sensitized and trained about the social issues and its resolution and more importantly “play vital role for social contribution” In all our work, youth play a key role, and we try to bring out the hidden energy, dedication, commitment, zeal and strengths that can convert failures into success and for development of country, the youth booster can play vital role for its development, defense and success.​

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