Monitoring Visit Juvenile Barrack at Central Jail Mach in Kachi District

Project name:         SEHER

Event Title:             Monitoring Visit Juvenile Barrack at Central Jail Mach in Kachi District

Event date:             15/06/2015

Monitoring and Coordination meeting carried to Central Jail Mach, had meeting with Superintendents Central Prison Mach Ishaq Zehri and LED handed for Juveniles.

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Meeting held with the Child Commissioner & IG

Project name:         SEHER

Event Title:             Meeting held with Child Commissioner & IG

Event date:             15/06/2015

Meeting held under the Chairman Ship of Syed Munawar Shah (Child Commissioner) and IG Prison Bashir Ahmed Bangulzai, along with Distinguished Committee Members (Naseebullah Khan, Zia Tareen and Abdul Wadood).

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Dinner with Heads of 5 Institutes of Balochistan

Project name:         SEHER

Event Title:             Dinner with Heads of 5 Institutes of Balochistan

Event date:             18/05/2015

The 5 nominated institutes’ heads were invited on Dinner at serena Hotel Quetta. Where discussion was made regarding the career counseling of students and future plans. The VC’s of the institutes shared their views and suggested the future strategy that how and what we have to do for the betterment of the students.
Mr. Abdul Wadood (Executive Director SEHER) welcomed all the guests in meeting and thanks the guests for responding on short notice. The agenda of the meeting was shared by Mr. Abdul Wadood about the sustainability of the project and to work together in future. As the project is just of 8 months but the need of such project can’t be fulfilled in that short period.
Moreover everyone from the guests shared their opinion and discussed about the future plans.

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Two Days Training on Career Counseling

Project name:         GRS

Event Title:             Two Days Training on Career Counseling

Event date:             29/04/2015

Under USAID Small Grants and Ambassador's Fund Program, Society for Empowering Human Resource (SEHER) is implementing Career Development of Students and facilitation of Working Women Project. This grant project organized two-days training on Career Counseling’s”. Deputy collector Customs Amanullah Tareen was also consented for the lecture. The training was designed for the Academia of BUITEMS, SBK, UOB, Govt Girls Polytechnic Institute and Women Technical Training Center. Project Manager Mr. Rizwan Kasi stating goal of the Workshop dawn the process and highlighted the need of intervention among the female students of the province. He said, while educating students with career counseling is needed to help- make better decisions about their career development. After the workshop, five awareness sessions at the Institute of Career Counseling and Job Fair will be held for the purpose to seek better employment opportunities for female students. At the End of the training session Mr. Rizwan Kasi acknowledge the USAID support for the cause & ensured that such type of interventions will supplement Women Empowerment initiatives in the Province.

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